The 7 Best Banks for Non-Profit Organizations

Having a solid and reliable financial institution is essential to protect the capital of any business. Of course, this is related to the needs of the company, since you will be able to take advantage of one or another bank depending on your needs.

A non-profit association is an association established by virtue of an agreement between five or more natural or legal persons. to develop or carry out activities of social or public benefit for legitimate purposes and whose purpose is not to obtain a significant economic or monetary benefit. , the profit is distributed to its partners.

In This Article We Present the 7 Best Banks for Non-Profit Organizations

If you are thinking of hiring banks for non-profit organizations like the ones mentioned above. Choosing just one can become a very difficult task!

1.- US Bank

The 7 Best Banks for Non-Profit Organizations

This American bank has a debit and/or credit card payment processing system, it also has a wide range of accounts for non-profit organizations. Commissions from US banks are very low, at least compared to other banks. He also has accounts that work to earn interest.

2.- PNC Bank

It is a bank that works with non-profit organizations. These accounts typically include a business debit card and some completely free online banking services. You can also easily pay bills. No minimum balance required and no monthly maintenance fee.

3.- Wells Fargo

The 7 Best Banks for Non-Profit Organizations

It is an amazing option for non-profit organizations. And it is that, it facilitates checking accounts, offers access to users through online banking. It provides payroll services, retirement plans and has many options to manage the economy of your organization.

4.- TIAA Bank

Previously known as Everbank. It provides a non-profit account with a minimum balance per month of $5,000 dollars, there are also no charges for internal transfers and for the first 10 payments for invoices. Tiaa does not charge a fee for overdraft protection or automatic overdrafts. All balances in this account are accrued interest.

5.- Home Savings Bank

Non-profit organizations that accept large amounts of money, Home Savings Bank offers free unlimited cash deposits. A minimum balance of $100 is maintained, the service is free, and accounts can be accessed through a banking website.

6.-BB&T Bank

Underperforming nonprofits with low average balances can hold more money in their accounts with the BB&T Community Checking (BBT) account. The account does not require a minimum balance and there are no maintenance fees. Deposits and coins are totally free.

For nonprofit organizations that want to combine their services with a single provider, United Community Bank provides a variety of solutions, including business and payroll services.. The bank also provides unlimited coin deposits and does not have a monthly maintenance fee.

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