How do Bitcoin debit and credit cards work?

Without a doubt, the world of cryptocurrencies continues to gain strength within the world economy. It can be said that bitcoin is one of the digital currencies with the most impact today. This cryptocurrency works as an exclusive means of online exchange and became more well-known and popular in 2017, when its price increased by thousands of dollars throughout the year.

Basically, Bitcoin works like a dollar. and is used to carry out everyday transactions whenever the recipient or the company accept Bitcoin as a method of payment. Interesting?

Although no financial institution or government supports it, which makes it a less legitimate currency, still has value in the market so much so that the power it has had has made it one of the most valuable. At the moment, the price of 1 BTC is equivalent to $40,260.00 dollars. The price of this cryptocurrency is fluctuating, that is, it goes up one day and goes down the next.

If you want to get it, you will have to go through specialized platforms for it, because it does not exist in physics.either. It is documented that the beginning of Bitcoin occurred in the year 2009. This cryptocurrency at that time was the first and only currency that was handled exclusively through a virtual transaction.

Not sure how bitcoin credit and debit cards work? You have come to the right place we will show you how Bitcoin debit and credit cards work. Pay close attention to this article!

How do Bitcoin debit and credit cards work?

–Binance Card

It is important that you are clear that Bitcoin debit and credit cards have the same function as any other plastic bank card. The first gives you a line of credit with that cryptocurrency. The other, you can only manage your coding resources.

Bitcoin debit card

The Bitcoin Debit Card is designed like any other prepaid debit card.. They also use global payment networks like Visa, allowing customers to use their cards to shop anywhere.

If you want to use one of these cards or want to purchase one, for these cards to work you must have earned money with Bitcoin or you must have another cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin credit card

Currently, the best one that works is the BlockFi Bitcoin Rewards credit card. is a Visa card supplied by a company engaged in the business of cryptocurrencies and a lender backed by cryptographic assets.

The credit card will be granted for those users who have recharged a BlockFi account. For every purchase with this credit card, you can earn an annual fee of $200.

Please note that Bitcoin debit and credit cards may not be accepted in the United States., since Bitcoin is not regulated by federal agencies. Remember to be very careful when making transactions with any cryptocurrency to avoid theft or scams.

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