The 10 Best Bitcoin Debit Cards

It is no secret to anyone that bitcoin has come to revolutionize the entire exchange systemNot surprisingly, being the first cryptocurrency to reach a sumptuous value, its demand is growing every day, as is its use in commercial and financial transactions of all kinds.

It is for this reason that some banking institutions and online platforms grant debit cards to their users, so that they can make their purchases and acquisition of goods or services through said instrument based on the aforementioned cryptocurrency. What do you say you dare to meet them? So don’t stop reading this post.

What are the most recommended bitcoin debit cards?

1.- AdvCahs.

This is an excellent option for those independent professionals or small businesses that manage certain income in bitcoin, since said bank grants virtual tasks for the payment of services in authorized sites.

And best of all, it has a good percentage of interest, for those who like savings, so bitcoin fans find in this a good source of passive investment for their bitcoins.

2.- Spectro Coin.

Best bitcoin debit cards

This platform offers a debit card that can easily be affiliated to your wallet, issuing it has a low cost of approximately 9 dollars. However, with regard to commissions, it generates 1% at the rate of payment in cryptocurrencies and 3% for transactions made based on them.

3.- Coinbase Card.

Best bitcoin debit cards

It is a multinational platform that allows cryptocurrencies to be used anywhere in the world where Visa cards are used as a means of payment. And best of all, they have an automatic exchange system.

This, together with the security protocols, make it one of the favourites, since it places a virtual wallet at the user’s disposal for more comfortable handling on devices. And two-step verification, to avoid scam or electronic fraud.

4.- BlockCard.


It is patented and protected by the company Ternioallows their holders to make purchases and pay for services in all businesses where Visa is accepted.

Although it does not have great security measures, it has a single monthly maintenance fee, completely ignoring all kinds of commissions, which is why it is an excellent option for entrepreneurs who are beginning to earn money in Bitcoin.

5.- Block Fi.

It is a kind of debit card with rewards according to its already userssince it has refunds when purchases are made based on the amounts stipulated in your service contract.

6.- Wirex.

It is a Bitcoin card of European origin, so it can be used within the European jurisdiction. Its operation presents no complications, since its online use is similar to all Visa cards.

7.- Cryptopay


It is a company that offers its users digital or physical debit cards, which can be obtained at low cost. These do not generate commissions, however, if it is necessary to pay 1 dollar a month for their maintenance.

It should be noted that this card carries certain limitations regarding the money to receive and withdraw, all depending on whether the account to which it is subscribed is verified or not.

8.- Ouch.

One of the most versatile and used cards, it is enough to create an account on said platform, to request itand start enjoying a card that does not impose limits on its use and whose commissions are relatively low compared to the others.

9.- MCO Visa Card.

It is the best option for people who love to travel, its maintenance commissions are low, and has 5% refunds for each purchase.

10.- BitPay.

BitPay BTC cards to buy

It is a prepaid card, which only has an acquisition fee of 10 dollarsand does not present maintenance fees nor does it accrue commissions.

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