Jobs for HISPANICS in Nevada!

The jobs for Hispanics in Nevada there are plenty of them because it is a diversified state and mainly the lights fall directly on the cities of Las Vegas and Reno, With this, they make Nevada one of the best states for Latinos to live in.

Thanks to the fact that Nevada is a very versatile state, its economy is also very versatile and we can highlight that the economy is based more than anything on manufacturing companies, construction companies, oil production, sand and gold, but what gives Nevada the most income is tourism thanks to Las Vegas, this means that there will always be good job opportunities.

What jobs for Hispanics in Nevada can you get?

– The job as a landscaper is one of the most sought after in Nevada.

The jobs for Hispanics in Nevada that are available are the following:

  1. Tourist guide: Nevada is a tourist state and this is because of Las Vegas, for that reason they are looking for tour guides all the time.
  2. Drivers: Many companies require a driver to take their employees home.
  3. Gardeners: In Nevada they are looking for people to be in charge of garden maintenance and cleaning, ideal for Latinos who do not speak English.
  4. Plumbing: You can look for a job as a plumber in Nevada as well as a plumbing assistant.

Where to find jobs for Hispanics in Nevada?

Here you will see what are some web pages to find a job without having to go to a face-to-face site:

  • JobsLasVegas: One of the web pages to get a job in Nevada and more specifically in Las Vegas is EmpleosLasVegas, there are jobs of everything and with few requirements.
  • Nevada OLX: Another excellent website to look for work in Nevada, many of these do not take into account if you do not know English, they will still be able to hire you.
  • Tropicana: The Tropicana job website offers you jobs available in different places like casinos, hotels or restaurants.

What are the requirements to work in Nevada?

Jobs for Hispanics in Nevada– The passport is one of the most important requirements that must be had in this city.

Nevada is a state whose economy is based on the entertainment industry such as casinos, for that reason they do not ask many requirements for people but more than anything for Latinos, however there are certain things to take into account if you want some more formal job:

  • Have a passport.
  • Possess some document that certifies that you live in Nevada.
  • Speaking English, we know that there are many foreigners in Nevada, however you must take into account the local public that obviously knows English.

The best paying jobs in the city and the easiest to get

Jobs for Hispanics in Nevada– There are many restaurants here, so the job as a cook is one of the best paid in the city.

We highlight the highest paying jobs annually in Nevada:

  • Barber: $21,500 a year.
  • Animal caretaker: $22,800 a year.
  • Nannies: $22,900 a year.
  • Cook: $23,500 a year.
  • Dining assistant or bartender: $27,000 a year.

Top Companies That Are Hiring Staff

Here are some companies looking for staff in Nevada:


Bellagio hotels offer different job opportunities and these vary as in the part of food, casino or planning weddings.

MGM Resorts

A company focused on entertainment is looking for people for different jobs and without experience such as customer service, maintenance or surveillance.

Boyd Gaming Casinos

One of the largest casinos in Nevada where they are always looking for people to work in simple and inexperienced positions such as cleaning, customer service or waiter.

How to work without knowing English and what jobs are available?

Jobs for Hispanics in Nevada– In this city there are many casinos, so finding a job in one of these without knowing English is not very difficult.

Nevada stands out for being a multicultural state, this means that there are no problems if you do not speak English since there are different jobs for people who speak Spanish such as casinos, restaurants, hotels, factory jobs or transportation.

The best companies to work for in Nevada

Something to take into account is that Nevada is a state that its economy is based mainly on entertainment, for this reason it is normal to see that many companies that offer jobs in Nevada are associated with entertainment, which include the following:

the cosmopolitan

This hotel company is one of the most important in Nevada, they offer good salaries and flexible hours, it is not necessary to have previous experience since the available jobs are bartenders or in the retail sector.

McCarran International Airport

Nevada is a state that is frequented by many people and the airlines are always full, this workplace is looking for young and inexperienced people.

Las Vegas Sands Corporation

They are a casino company and they have different tourist complexes. If you don’t speak English, don’t worry because they still hire people in the cleaning section or to move heavy things.

How much is the pay for working with or without documents in Nevada?

– Here it does not make much difference to have or have documents, so commonly everyone earns something similar.

Since Nevada is noted for having an economy based on the entertainment industry, documented and undocumented people generally earn the same amount of money, which is usually $9.50.

What happens if I get sick or can’t go to work, do I get paid my money?

– If you have problems attending work, the best thing you can do is notify them so that money is not deducted from your salary.

The labor laws in Nevada indicate that they can pay you the day you have missed work, only that you must notify your boss, if you do not do it then they will not pay the day you did not go to work.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Working in Nevada


  • Jobs in Nevada proliferate more than in other states, you can easily find a job even if you don’t speak English.
  • In Nevada there is no tax, you will not have to pay it thanks to the income from entertainment.
  • If you spent a stressful day at work and want to free your mind Nevada is the ideal place, you can clear your mind in the many places to have fun that you have available.


  • The crowd and agglomeration that is generated by tourists can be very overwhelming.
  • Insecurity is a serious problem, there are many areas in Nevada that are dangerous and can assault you, you should avoid them at all times.

Work hours and how much is the pay in Nevada

Work schedules in Nevada are usually somewhat uneven since being a state that benefits from entertainment, it is normal for them to work every day of the week, 7 hours or even night shifts.

Pay in Nevada is $9.50 an hour if the employee is receiving any health insurance, on the other hand if they do not have health insurance then they earn $10.50 an hour.

How to Get Urgent Financial Aid in Nevada

Nevada offers different programs to help low-income people financially, you should know that they offer medical assistance, food assistance and rental assistance, you must go to one of these programs to try to apply for their help.

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