The 10 BEST Mexican Restaurants in Oregon

Do you already know the Best Mexican Restaurants in Oregon? If you are looking for a place where you can share with your loved ones or have a business lunch, then I will present interesting options that perfectly suit your tastes.

The state of Oregon is an excellent place to visit, being well known for its coastal landscapes and mountains. In addition, in each city you can do different recreational activities that will keep you entertained. However, the best thing about this site are the different gastronomic meeting points.

Traveling and getting to know gives you the opportunity to taste an endless number of dishes from different countries, and in this case we will introduce you to the best restaurants in Mexican food to which you can go to satisfy any craving.

These are the best Mexican restaurants in Oregon

Mexican gastronomy is very popular, so it is not surprising that each city has different restaurants that have different themes for all tastes. In addition, it is a state like Oregon, you can taste exquisite and traditional Chinese dishes. Keep reading!

1. The Royal Treasury

The Royal Treasury It is an excellent meeting point, if you want to taste the best of Mexican gastronomy. In this place you can enjoy a very varied menu with different options to choose from; In addition, you have at your disposal different healthy sauces and drinks to accompany your dinner or lunch.

Diners recommend this place mainly because of how delicious and cheap their dishes are, in addition to this, the customer service is fast and efficient. Also, the setting is very good.

2. Juan Colorado Mexican Restaurant

The popular Juan Colorado Mexican Restaurant It is known for its decoration allusive to Mexican culture, being faithful to its traditions. In addition, you will love the menu of this place for its multiple options to enjoy a good dinner or lunch, and if you want a drink to accompany it, you can get it here.

3. Las Morenas Taqueria

The customer service in this restaurant is very outstanding due to its speed when delivering the order. In addition, the charisma and commitment so that you feel good at all times.

On the other hand, Las Morenas Taqueria They have exquisite dishes made with the best quality ingredients to provide you with a fresh product, not to mention that the portions are generous at affordable prices.

4. Don Pepe’s Fresh Mexican Food

Don Pepe’s Fresh Mexican Food It offers you traditional dishes of Mexican gastronomy, in addition to having drinks to accompany it. The service is efficient and immediate, so it won’t take long for your order to be picked up.

5. Don Chico’s

Don Chico’s He is known for his care when preparing his dishes and presenting them; they have a delicious flavor and traditional aroma of Mexican gastronomy, where spices and fresh products are used to improve the quality of the food and your experience as a diner.

In its menu you will find different typical recipes that you can taste in the company of your family and friends. Also, you can visit this place at any time of the day; since, it has breakfasts, lunches, dinners and tapas.

6. The 2 Agaves

If you want a place where you can find top quality service and exquisite dishes with a delicious traditional flavor, then you can visit the restaurant The 2 Agaves.

If you want to have a good experience in the event that it is the first time you try Mexican food, I recommend you visit this restaurant where its dishes will leave you completely satisfied with their flavor, presentation, and aroma.

7. The Jarocha

Order your food to go! the jarocha It gives you the best options for you to enjoy Mexican cuisine at the time you want. You can order home delivery if you are tired and do not want to cook; as well, you can visit this restaurant and improve your experience.

8. Super Cake

The restaurant super cake It provides you with an efficient and fast customer service, so that in no time you will be enjoying your dish. In addition, the recipes that you will find on the menu are traditional and are made with the best products to ensure freshness and quality at the time of presentation.

9. Sea Taco

If you want to taste the best fish tacos I recommend you visit the restaurant Sea Tacoa place where you can enjoy the most outstanding Mexican food, while enjoying an excellent atmosphere to share with family and friends.

10. La Fondita 2

To finish with this list of the best Mexican food restaurants in Oregon you can visit La Fondita 2a place with an excellent atmosphere, good customer service, efficient service and delicious traditional cuisine.

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