The 10 BEST Mexican Restaurants in Washington

Find the best mexican restaurants in washington and discover different dishes and gastronomic environments to share with your loved ones.

Washington it is a place that will fascinate you in all aspects, especially if you want to live here. But, if you are only getting to know and touring a little, the activities that this state offers you are sensational.

These are the best Mexican restaurants in Washington

In Washington we will find people from all over the world who, of course, still keep their traditions and among them we have the Mexican cultureso you will have the opportunity to taste dishes with authentic flavors.

1. Oyamel Mexican Cuisine

The 10 Best Mexican Restaurants in Washington

To start with this article, we have the restaurant as the first option Oyamel Mexican Cuisinean exclusive place where you can taste gastronomy from small dishes such as potatoes, ceviches or nachos, to more elaborate recipes.

A point in favor of this Mexican food restaurant is the excellent service provided by the staff in charge, with the aim of making you enjoy the experience to the fullest. On the other hand, you can count on Oyamel in case you need any installation for special events and more.

2. El Sol Restaurant & Tequilery

The 10 Best Mexican Restaurants in Washington

He Sol restaurant & Tequilery It is an incredible place for you to enjoy the authentic flavor of Mexican gastronomy. Although the place opened its doors in 2014, it has managed to solidify a large number of customers, thanks to the excellent service it provides, reasonable prices, and exquisite flavor.

3. MXDC Mexican Cuisine

MXDC Mexican Cuisine It is an incredible restaurant for you to spend a pleasant moment in the company of a margarita. In addition, its dishes are made with the best ingredients to provide you with freshness, quality and traditional flavor.

If you are looking for a place to taste gourmet Mexican food, this restaurant is the ideal place. On the other hand, you can count on home delivery to enjoy all the flavors of gastronomy from the comfort of your home.

4. The Mutt

If you want to enjoy a good restaurant experience the mongrelI would recommend you make a reservation; since, being one of the best meeting points in Washington, sometimes it can be difficult to find a free place. Otherwise, if you want to avoid inconvenience you can order food at home.

5. Spigot

The 10 Best Mexican Restaurants in Washington

Spigot It is a Mexican food restaurant that offers you a calm and serene environment so you can enjoy a pleasant moment with friends or family. Also, this place provides you with different promotions, discounts and gift cards.

The menu is completely versatile, exquisite, traditional and with excellent prices so that you can live a pleasant experience.

6. CORN 64

The 10 Best Mexican Restaurants in Washington

Find everything you are looking for to spend an excellent evening in one place! CORN 64 is a restaurant that seeks to offer you the best of Mexican cuisine, through extraordinary culinary presentations.

7. Lauriol Plaza

Lauriol Plaza It is a perfect restaurant to enjoy good gastronomy and local and traditional cocktails to accompany your favorite dish. In its menu you will find different recipes to enjoy at lunch, dinner, breakfast, and house specials.

8. The Well Dressed Burrito

Discover a modern and traditional place where you can taste exquisite dishes that will make you feel like you are in Mexico. In The Well Dressed Burrito The attention is very outstanding, for its efficiency, speed and kindness.

9. Taqueria Xochi

Xochi Taqueria It manages a modern concept that brings together avant-garde aspects of American gastronomy with traditional Mexican cooking techniques, so you will find interesting proposals that can fascinate you and satisfy your craving.


the dishes of MEXICAN you will find them a visual delight due to their extravagance of colors, not to mention that the traditional Mexican seasoning will leave you speechless. This place is perfect to meet without having to have a pretext, since everything here is striking.

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