What is the Keybank? Advantages and Disadvantages of this Bank

For a start, you can open a checking account in Keybank through the internetthis only takes a few minutes and the process is easy, plus it provides a variety of ways to waive monthly fees and also has accounts that provide Premium interest rates

Every Keybank checking account comes with a MasterCard debit card and with access to online and mobile banking Keybank has the option of hassle-free account opening.s, you might like it because it’s a checkless account, you won’t receive any checks, instead you’ll have access to bill payment and transfers online.

How to open a Keybank account?

Keybank has the option to open accounts without complications, maybe you like it because it is an account without checksyou will not receive any check, instead you will have access to pay bills and transfers online.

In the same way you can open an account in Keybank if you are a student, one of your requirements is to be 16 or 24 years old and it has no interest with $50, you can waive the monthly service fee with monthly deposits of $200 or at least 5 transactions you make per month, students have access to mobile and online banking.

You can also earn interest on your money in your checking account, this is possible with a Key Advantage checking account as it is a great place to start. To open an account you need to have $50 although it’s a bit tricky to waive monthly fees, you need at least $10,000 in Keybank combined deposit accounts or have a Keybank auto-pay mortgage with payments of at least $500.

Keybank will also reimburse ATM fees to third parties up to $6 per month. Keybank savings accounts give you access to Keybank’s online banking and ATM network, each savings account can also be used to link it with some of your Keybank checking accounts and use it as overdraft protection.

You have available the Key Active Saver account, you can open it very easily, it only requires $10 and with a balance of at least $300 each month or automatic deposit of $5, you can waive the monthly service charges.

Advantages and disadvantages of Keybank

Below you will see some advantages and disadvantages of this bank.


  • You have a free checking account.
  • There is no fee for Overdraft Protection transfers.
  • Customer service 24/7 by phone.


  • Low interest rates on savings and certificates of deposit.
  • Branches and ATMs are located in only 15 US states.
  • High overdraft fee of $38.50, up to five per day.

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